Our values

Rossmann means
MORE than a drugstore.

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We work for our customers

Every customer is the most important for us.

We offer you the highest quality products, including latest hits and innovations of cosmetic companies, as well as articles available in Rossmann exclusively. We guarantee favourable shopping: the best prices, attractive purchases, and thanks to the modern application that allows you to join the Rossmann Club - also personalized promotions tailored to your specific needs. Thanks to our on-line drugstore you can do the shopping anywhere you are and the click & collect service allows you to buy on-line and collect ordered products at a drugstore in the most convenient location for you. Friendly and competent shop assistants will make sure that everyone feels exceptionally served.

We believe in our employees

Rossmann's success is the success of its employees.

We work in a team that focuses on creativity and innovation. We share our knowledge and experience and place great emphasis on training, so that our employees can feel fully competent in relations with customers and business partners. Internal promotion is the standard of our company. We support our employees and encourage them to develop and achieve their own goals, which are, at the same time beneficial to our customers and the company. Diversity is a value that allows us being successful.

We make sure our employees have a sense of security. Our company is a guarantee of friendly working conditions, employment contracts and a wide package of social benefits: health care, co-financing of summer camps and holidays, new-born baby sets, the opportunity to develop passion and interests - from fishing to windsurfing. We welcome students and offer paid internship, because we understand how important it is for young people to gain experience and their first job. The managerial staff in Rossmann are only Poles. We make sure that relations between managers and employees are based on the principle of mutual kindness and respect.

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We focus on development

Although we have already achieved great success, we never stop.

Searching for new, innovative ideas is as important to us as it was in 1993, when Rossmann opened its first store in Poland. If something can be done better, in a more efficient or more interesting way - we will definitely do it. We are a market leader in the chemical and cosmetic industry and we are not going to give up our place on the podium.

Respect for business partners

For years, we have been building relationships with contractors based on the principles of honesty, respect for the rights of the partner and stability.

We inform suppliers about our business plans in advance so that it would be easier for them to adapt their production to market needs. We treat everyone the same way - no matter if it is a small company or a large enterprise. We are proud that Polish cosmetic companies have grown together with us. Thanks to us, Polish producers also have a chance to export their goods - with the Rossmann private label brands - to our chain stores in Europe.

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We create value for owners

Rossmann provides shareholders with financial success and a sense of pride in investing in the company.

We care for the image through a responsible and honest approach to business, reliable payment of taxes in Poland and obligations to contractors, as well as care for the proper appearance of our stores.

We share with others

We operate in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Running a business is not only about making money. We are involved in charity and educational campaigns and sponsorship of sports and cultural events. We share with others what we have managed to work out because we believe that everyone benefits from building a community and principles of good neighbourhood.

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