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Our foremost goal is to do business in an ethical, transparent and sustainable manner. By following the principle that ‘big can do more’, we have the opportunity to impact our surroundings. We attach great importance to maintaining good relations with all our stakeholders. We listen to our customers, employees, business and social partners, and try to take into account their needs and desires. For us, being socially responsible does not just end with the ‘here and now’. We are aware that the decisions we make today affect what our environment will look like tomorrow. With concern for future generations, we apply environmentally friendly solutions in our shops, warehouses, office buildings and logistics.

We are one of the signatories of the ‘Declaration of Polish Business for Sustainable Development’, a joint project of the Ministry of Economy, the Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte consulting company entitled the ‘Vision for Sustainable Development for Polish Business 2050’.

For years we have been trying to share our knowledge and experience as well as support those in need. We join initiatives of raising funds for important purposes, among others, we cooperate with the TVN Foundation ‘Nie Jesteś Sam’ (You Are Not Alone) as part of the campaign ‘Buy a teddy bear for someone you love and help those who need help’. Together with the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) we helped the victims of the tsunami in Japan and those affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

We regularly make in-kind donations to foundations, schools, orphanages and social welfare homes. We do not forget about animals either and provide shelters and animal care societies with necessary food. We do not support individuals for procedural reasons. We help those most in need by cooperating with foundations and associations.

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We encourage employees to get involved

There are people among us who want and can do more. We run a volunteer project under the ‘Sprawa Taka...’ programme. We try to engage in various initiatives, such as renovations of facilities, excursions with children, Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Parcel), taking animals out for a walk. We have been involved in nearly 30 campaigns and initiatives since 2014.

We are currently working on formalising the principles of employee volunteering at Rossmann.

We take care of the workplace and safety

Code of Ethics

We implemented the Code of Ethics in the company in 2016. This document is a summary of the values that have guided us since the beginning of our activity in Poland. The Code contains a range of information about, among other things, our approach to respecting the law or preventing abuse, but also about the need for equal treatment, respect for diversity, communication (also in social media) and responsible trade and business.

Diversity Charter

We see a need to manage diversity at Rossmann. There is great potential in the diversity of our employees, business partners and customers. Varied life experiences, gender, age and worldviews allow us to look at things from different perspectives. That is why, in 2017, we signed the Diversity Charter, an international initiative supported by the European Commission.


Our employees are our capital. Their knowledge, experience and energy build the future of Rossmann. Our goal is to create a corporate organisational culture based on respect and understanding. We want our employees to feel they are important to us. We attach particular significance to creating a friendly working environment for our employees and we expect everyone to take care of the atmosphere at work and respect others. The ethical attitude of the staff is a standard in the company.


Health and safety at work are some of the most important elements of the company’s activities. The safety of our employees, clear and understandable standards and procedures, as well as compliance are our priorities. In addition to advising and controlling occupational health and safety activities, the Health and Safety Department is also responsible for educating employees. We strive to minimise the number of accidents at work; we raise the qualifications and awareness of our employees in this area. We have implemented the Occupational Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001. We have been systematically introducing the Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) system in our offices since 2013.

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Rossmann cares about the environment by bearing in mind both the present and future generations. We separate our waste. All our warehouses are equipped with foil balers and waste paper presses, which facilitates the process of recycling. We attach great importance to saving energy: we mount stoppers that turn off the lights afterworking hours, and we systematically install energy-efficient light sources.

The seat of our company in Łódź has been made in whole of reinforced concrete, glass and aluminum. In our social rooms, elevator vestibules and toilets we use LED lighting. These implemented solutions have allowed for a reduction of CO2 emissions and limit the TEWI factor. Even the carpeting consists of 85 percent of recycled material (certificates: GUT & CRI Green Label Plus, BRE and Carbon Neutral).

We have been optimizing the logistics processes

With several hundred deliveries to shops a day we do our utmost to minimize CO2 emissions. Three distribution centres being at our disposal make it possible to store the goods as close as possible to the place of delivery. We have increased transport efficiency and thereby reducing fuel consumption per unit of product using semi-trailers with a larger capacity, as well as more and more modern vehicles. For urban distribution we use buses, which is less burdensome for residents. This solution has enabled us to also reduce exhaust emissions in the centres of large cities (More information under the tab: Corporate Responsibility Report).

Social reports

Social Responsibility Report 2017-2018

Social Responsibility Report 2015-2016

Social Responsibility Report 2013-2014


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