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We are building a community

We operate across Poland, in large cities and small towns. We employ several thousand people and collaborate with local service providers and suppliers. We are everywhere, therefore we have many neighbours. For many years now we have been building our image as a business that shares its knowledge and experience with others and helps those in need. We are aware of our impact on the job market, the environment and local communities. We participate in charity and educational campaigns, sponsor cultural events and share with others in the name of building a community and being a good neighbour. We work with such partners as the TVN ‘Nie Jesteś Sam’ Foundation, who we help with selling teddy bears for charity, as well as the Wiosna Association, who we assist in their lollipop Valentine’s Day campaign. We provide patronage to such cultural events as the International Festival of Independent Cinema Mastercard OFF CAMERA or the Light Move Festival and Łódź of Four Cultures Festival held in the city of Łódź.

We cooperate with non-governmental organisations (foundations, associations), orphanages, nursing homes and single mothers’ homes, providing them with donations of needed supplies. We are mindful of the plight of animals and donate food to shelters and animal welfare organisations. Due to procedural reasons, we do not directly support individuals or organise public fundraisers in our stores. We provide help to those in need by collaborating with foundations and associations.

We Help However We Can

With support from our employees, in 2017 we initiated the ‘We Help However We Can’ campaign as part of Rossmann Club. The local nature of the campaign is one of its most important aspects, as it’s the employees of our stores who specify organisations working in the local area that we then invite to collaborate with use.

Why did we decide to implement this solution? Because in every larger Polish city or town there are hospices, shelters and nursing homes that, while not renowned on a national scale, for years have been providing help to hundreds of people in need and are well-known and valued among the local communities. Only in the course of the three initial editions of the campaign we were able to provide these organisations with donations worth over PLN 13 million.

Responsibility is the foundation of our activities

Acting in a responsible and ethical manner is inextricably tied to our business strategy. As a business, we create valuable and safe working conditions for our employees, act in an honest manner and react to the needs of our customers. We also care about the development of our environment. For us, corporate responsibility means not only participating in charity campaigns and donating supplies, but also ensuring a sustainable development of our entire organisation. We have begun transforming our good practices into procedures and policies, creating such documents as the Code of Ethics, Abuse Prevention Policy or Environmental Policy, and signing the Diversity Charter, wherein we made an undertaking to promote and respect these values among our employees.

A good and safe workplace

Code of Ethics

Rossmann’s Code of Ethics is the culmination of values that have constituted our guiding principles in business since the beginning of our operations in Poland. The Code contains a vast array of information on subjects such as our approach to compliance with regulations or preventing abuse, as well as the need for equal treatment, respect for diversity, communication (including in social media), sustainable trade and responsible business. All our employees are required to comply with the Code.

Diversity Charter

There is great potential in the diversity among our employees, business partners or customers. Our varied life experiences and diversity as to gender, age or opinions help us see matters from differing perspectives. In 2017, Rossmann signed the Diversity Charter, an international initiative supported by the European Commission.


Our employees are our asset. Their expertise, experience and energy are the building blocks for Rossmann’s future. Our purpose is to build within our company an organisational culture based on respect and understanding. We want our employees to feel that they are important to us. By placing particular importance on creating an employee-friendly workplace, we expect everyone to contribute to building a positive atmosphere and treat others with respect. We create a friendly workplace, ensuring that our employees can participate in training courses and develop their interests.


Occupational health and safety are an important element of our operations. Safety of our employees, clear and understandable standards and procedures and compliance with regulations are among our priorities. Apart from providing advice and overseeing activities related to occupational health and safety, the HSE Department is also responsible for educating employees. We strive to reduce the number of workplace accidents to a minimum and improve the qualifications and awareness of our employees in this regard. In 2020, we obtained a safety certificate based on the ISO 45001 standard. Since 2013, we have been gradually implementing a Public Access Defibrillation system in our offices. We believe that knowledge of first aid is an important matter, and therefore we continually improve our employees’ awareness in this regard by organizing regular training courses and workshops and refresher courses in basic issues related to the AED system implemented in our offices. Each year, we organise a ‘HSE Week’, as part of which we promote safe working practices and encourage a healthy lifestyle. We’ve implemented a ‘Healthy Spine’ campaign aimed at office employees and since 2017 we’ve enabled our workers to benefit from office massages provided by experienced experts in rehabilitation. We also encourage our employees to partake in physical activities.

Employee volunteer programs

We encourage our employees to participate in volunteer programs. Our volunteers can participate in various activities to help those in need and have great capacity to assist local institutions and non-governmental organisations. Volunteers can test their skills, develop their talents, learn more about their fellow man and become more aware of the world around them. Many of them believe that such campaigns bring them great satisfaction and joy.


We strive to become involved in various initiatives: we carry out renovations, support the Noble Gift campaign, clean up gardens and walk dogs. We also assist our employees in their individual projects aimed at helping others.

Since 2016 we’ve been collaborating with the ‘Kolorowy Świat’ Foundation which operates a nursery school and a primary school for children suffering from cerebral palsy and other developmental disorders. Trips for children under the Foundation’s care are one of our joint initiatives. Those in the Foundation’s care require special attention and every child must be accompanied by one caregiver.

Our volunteer renovation team has been aiding the Workcamp summer project, as part of which students from the Łódź University of Technology help renovate orphanages, using the experience and contacts obtained during their studies to transform care institutions. Our duties primarily include finishing works and cleaning. We also provide orphanages with required cleaning supplies and funds for the purchase of building materials.

We organise blood drives in collaboration with the Łódź blood donor centre. We are aware that by donating blood we save human lives. Since 2017 we’ve been helping our employees register in the bone marrow donor database.

zbiórka odpadów

We reduce our environmental footprint

We are aware that operating a business of our size is not without its impact on the environment. We believe that the scale of our operations obligates us to exercise particular care as to how our decisions and way of operating impacts the natural environment, which is our common asset. With future generations in mind, we follow the principles of sustainable development in our operations.

We strive to reduce the risk of negative impact on the natural environment to a minimum. Our activities include selective waste collection, optimisation of logistical processes, and reduction of energy and water consumption. In 2019, we equipped our stores with water filters that enable drinking water straight from the tap. Additionally, we stopped placing waste baskets at every workstation and we print our materials on ecological paper and only where necessary.

In mid-2020, in our store located in the Manufaktura shopping mall, we installed Refill Stations for our customers – machines enabling our customers to refill their reusable bottles with products such as shampoo, shower gel, washing or dishwashing liquid, thus contributing to a reduction in the consumption of plastics. We are systematically expanding our range of natural, vegan and waterless products.

Environmental policy

In 2019 we implemented an Environmental Policy and a Plan of Action for 2019-2020. The Policy sets out our obligations towards the environment and our surroundings, through such measures as the analysis of the environmental impacts of our decisions and activities throughout the entire value chain, conservation of energy, optimization of fuel use, and protection of water resources. Our goal is to strive to attain a closed-cycle economy. The plan of action is updated every 2 years.

Social reports

Social Responsibility Report 2019-2020

Social Responsibility Report 2017-2018

Social Responsibility Report 2015-2016


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